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    • Starters

      Cold and hot starters

    • Rock Oysters (3 pieces)


      Fresh Maldon Rock Oysters

    • Rock Oysters (6 pieces)


      Fresh Maldon Rock Oysters

    • Taramosalata



      Piraeus-style smoked cod-roe, whipped with lemon juice & onion extract, garnished with chopped olives, spring onions & pita crisps

    • Fava & Herring


      yellow split pea pureé fava and smoked herring

    • Aubergine Spread


      mousse of charred aubergine, garlic, lemon and olive oil

    • Tzatziki


      Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic

    • Bruschetta


      with grilled tomato, feta mousse and olives

    • Fishy Bruschetta


      with smoked cod roe and herbal butter

    • Olives



      in-house cured and marinated Kalamata black olives

    • Anchovies


      marinated anchovies

    • Cured Lakerda


      cured bonito tuna, red onion, olive oil lemon and oregano

    • Steamed Hake Flakes


      with potato & parsley croquettes, ouzo aioli and beetroot tartar

    • Steamed Mussels


      in creamy retsina wine, fennel and dill sauce

    • Steamed Scallop


      steamed shell-on scallop, butter, breaded capers

    • Grilled Vegetables


      mushroom, aubergine, courgette, green peppers, balsamic dressing

    • Classic Greek Salad

      Classic Greek Salad


      tomato, cucumber, red onion, parsley, green bell peppers, olives, capers, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil and oregano; pita bread included (V)

    • Corinthian Salad

      Corinthian Salad


      Rocket, little gem lettuce, currants, pine nuts, koulouri (sesame roll) croutons, Graviera cheese shavings

    • Cheese Saganaki


      pan-fried Graviera cheese, drizzled with honey, sprinkled with sesame seeds

    • Prawn Saganaki


      tiger prawns sautéed with onion, peppers, garlic and chopped tomato, flambéed with ouzo, then finished in the oven with tomato sauce and feta

    • Calamari


      fresh fried baby calamari served with a side of ouzo aioli

    • Octopus


      tender octopus grilled and served with extra virgin olive oil, sweet red wine vinegar and oregano

    • Extra Bread


      please note that all starters come with bread; this is extra

    • Main Courses

      Mouth-watering dishes

    • Grilled Sea Bass

      Grilled Sea Bass


      whole grilled sea bass seasoned with olive oil, served with grilled courgette and spinach

    • Red Mullet / Barbounia


      fresh, shallow fried or grilled red mullet, with extra virgin olive oil, served with gem lettuce, spring onion, dill and lemon & lime vinaigrette salad

    • Sea Bass Lemonato


      boneless fillets of seabass, pan fried in fresh butter then finished in lemon and caper jus; served on a bed of warm potato salad

    • Ouzo Salmon


      grilled salmon fillet on potato and fennel sauté with ouzo and saffron

    • Sea Bream Plaki

      Sea Bream Plaki


      sea bream fillets with potato, onion, tomato and herbs, sealed and cooked in baking paper parcel

    • Prawn Kritharaki


      Greek style orzotto with prawns, cooked in its bisque and finished with clarified butter.

    • Skyros Frutti di Mare Spaghetti


      prawn, mussels, calamari, vongole, tomato, fennel, garlic and onion sauté in olive oil, simmered down with ouzo and spicy tomato sauce

    • Seafood Souvlaki


      prawn, octopus, calamari and bell pepper skewer, green herbed rice with spring onion and dill, garnished with sea asparagus and a lime, honey and mustard sauce

    • Stuffed Grilled Calamari

      Stuffed Grilled Calamari


      Grilled calamari stuffed with feta cheese, tomato and green bell peppers, served with sapphire . Can be served as a main dish or sharing starter.

    • Midopilafo


      Salonika-style rice pilaf with fresh steamed mussles, tossed with peppers, tomato, garlic saffron and herbs

    • Saffron Prawn Pilaf


      butter & garlic sautéed prawn on saffron rice pilaf with chives and graviera cheese

    • Lamb Souvla

      Lamb Souvla


      spit-roasted lamb shoulder, pulled and served with skin-on chips and mustard sauce

    • Thyme & Olive Oil Rib-eye


      Scottish beef rib-eye seasoned with olive oil, rock sea salt and fresh thyme, grilled to your preference and served with grilled mushroom and skin-on chips

    • Drinks

      Soft drinks and beer

    • Coke



      330ml can

    • Diet Coke

      Diet Coke


      330ml can

    • Sprite



      330ml can

    • Fanta



      330ml can

    • Alfa



      Greek lager - 330ml bottle

    • Mythos



      This is probably Greece's most popular lager - 330ml bottle