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Greek taste, Mediterranean Simplicity

Santorini Restaurant
& Seafood Market

Greek taste, Mediterranean Simplicity

Santorini Restaurant
& Seafood Market

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Hello Once Again

Well, I’ve been waiting all this time and I guess you have too. Yes, it’s been a long time. Lots of ideas have been going through my mind on when and how to re-open. The time is near and I’m restarting with something new and exciting.  Seafood is my true passion and challenge. I have always enjoyed going to the fish market, whatever the time, coming back to the restaurant and creating one or two daily seafood recipes. I’m taking it a bit further now. From the first day of managing Santorini I envisaged it becoming a specialist seafood restaurant.

Time away has given me plenty of time to put my vision into action. You will experience a whole new place and design at Santorini and hats-off to Add Global, they did it again. An exciting new oyster and seafood bar has evolved and awaits you. You can delve into our new menu with an everyday complete “Catch of the Day” suggestion… thanks again to Chef and Creative Artist Panagiotis Papanicolaou.

You can also visit our fresh seafood market. That’s right, open from early morning until 7:00pm. Come and choose your fish, either raw and cleaned to cook at home with a few tips on some recipes, or we can prepare and cook it for you, the way that suits and delights you.

I really can’t wait to sea you,
Petros Margetis

Fresh seafood

The Fish Market //

Oh-fish-ally Open!

Fish and seafood market by day and your well known restaurant by night. This idea was on my mind for the past few years. It all started when some of our restaurant customers and neighbours would ask me to bring them some fish from Billingsgate Fish Market since I would go there anyway to supply the daily needs of Santorini. I thought of opening a fish and seafood deli but the problem was I couldn’t be at Santorini and the new shop at the same time and there was no question on leaving one for the other. So the only way to do it was combining them together. I’ll be behind the counter to serve you and guide you from early morning once I have set up our display, straight from the market. Come over and choose your fish and seafood.

We’ll clean it for you and I’ll also throw in a recipe that suits your taste. If you want, we also offer a cooking service for any fish you choose to take home. Great range of daily purchased British & foreign fish & seafood. Sashimi Quality Tuna, Rock Oysters, Red Mullet, Dover Sole, Sea Bass, Mussels, John Dory, Scallops, Prawns, Sardines, Calamari, Octopus, Salmon and more.

You will find a great range of seafood in our deli section from smoked salmon, trout, eel, cod-roe, tobbico and caviar to our signature products like taramosalata, marinated octopus, antipasti calamari, semi-salted sardines, smoked salmon and trout pâté. The sea is our limit.

If you have a certain product that you crave, just call me (020 77277112, 07720901941) and place a preorder of any specific fish and I’ll get it for you the next morning.

quality food cooked in-house

The Menu //


rock oysters / 6 pcs £10 – 3 pcs £6

fresh Maldon Rock Oysters

Taramosalata / £6

cod roe, lemon & onion extract eget tincidunt

fava & herring / £6

yellow split pea pureé fava and smoked herring

Aubergine spread / £6

mousse of charred aubergine, garlic, lemon and olive oil

tzatziki / £6

Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic

bruschetta / £6

with grilled tomato, feta mousse and olives

fishy bruschetta / £6

with smoked cod roe and herbal butter

olives / £3.50

Kalamata olives

anchovies / £5

marinated anchovies

cured lakerda / £7

cured bonito tuna, red onion, olive oil lemon and oregano

steamed hake flakes / £7.50

with potato & parsley croquettes, ouzo aioli and beetroot tartar

steamed scallops / £3.75 each

steamed shell-on scallops, butter, breaded capers

steamed mussels / £9

in creamy retsina wine, fennel and dill sauce

grilled vegetables / £11

mushroom, aubergine, courgette, green peppers, balsamic dressing

greek salad / £8

tomato, cucumber, green pepper, feta cheese, capers and extra virgin olive oil

corinthian salad / £8

gem lettuce, rocket, pine kernels, currants, koulouri croutons, Graviera cheese shavings and grape must vinaigrette

cheese saganaki / £8.50

pan-fried Graviera cheese, drizzled with honey, sprinkled with sesame seeds

Prawn saganaki / £11

tiger prawns sautéed with onion, peppers, garlic and chopped tomato, flambéed with ouzo, then finished in the oven with tomato sauce and feta

Calamari / £12

fresh fried baby calamari served with a side of ouzo aioli

Octopus / £16.50

tender octopus grilled and served with extra virgin olive oil, sweet red wine vinegar and oregano

Catch of the Day

the best quality of fresh fish and seafood caught on the day

Main Dishes

grilled sea bass / £18.25

whole grilled sea bass, seasoned with olive oil, served with grilled courgette and spinach

Red Mullet – Babrounia / £21.50

fresh, shallow fried or grilled red mullet, with extra virgin olive oil, served with gem lettuce, spring onion, dill and lemon & lime vinaigrette salad

Sea Bass Lemonato / £18.25

boneless fillet of sea bass, pan fried in fresh  butter then finished in lemon and caper jus, served on a bed of warm potato salad

Ouzo Salmon / £16.75

grilled salmon fillet on potato and fennel sauté with ouzo and saffron

Sea Bream Plaki / £17.75

sea bream fillets with potato, onion, tomato and herbs, sealed and cooked in a baking paper parcel

Prawn Kritharaki / £18.25

Greek-style orzotto with prawns, cooked in its bisque

Skiros Frutti di MAre Spaghetti / £21.75

prawn, mussels, calamari, clams, tomato, fennel and onion sautéed in olive oil, simmered down with ouzo and tomato sauce

seafood souvlaki / £19.25

prawn, octopus, calamari and bell pepper skewer, green herbed rice with spring onion and dill, garnished with sea asparagus and a lime, honey and mustard sauce

Stuffed Grilled Calamari / £18.75

grilled calamari stuffed with feta cheese, tomato and green bell peppers, served with sapphire

Midopilafo / £17.75

Salonika-style rice pilaf with fresh steamed mussles, tossed with peppers, tomato, garlic saffron and herbs

Saffron Prawn Pilaf / £17.75

butter & garlic sautéed prawn on saffron rice pilaf with chives and graviera cheese

Lamb Souvla / £19.75

spit-roasted lamb shoulder, pulled and served with skin-on chips and mustard sauce

Thyme & Olive oil Rib-Eye / £25.75

Scottish beef rib-eye seasoned with olive oil, rock sea salt and fresh thyme, grilled to your preference and served with grilled mushroom and skin-on chips


Ravani Sundae / £5.50

Semolina syrup cake, masticha ice-cream, almond flakes and sour cherry

Baklava / £5.50

crushed walnuts and pistachios, folded in filo pastry, topped with lemon & honey syrup, served with kaimaki ice-cream

Ekmem Kataifi / £5.50

angel-hair pastry, cooked with buffalo butter, orange syrup, masticha-based cream patisserie & pistacchio

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